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We vow, above all else, to keep our team members and community safe.

Safety and quality are the top priorities at Vanalt Electrical Construction. Ensuring a safe, healthy, and welcoming workplace while safeguarding our employees and the communities in which we serve, is of the upmost importance!

We believe every accident is preventable.

Through technical field procedures and consistent ongoing training programs, our employees are equipped with all the tools necessary to maintain the promise of a safe workplace. In carrying out their assigned work, each employee must observe all safety and health standards related to their work, and report any unsafe working conditions or practices to their foremen.


Dedication to safety extends to all subcontractors and partners working on our projects, the vendors delivering materials, and clients for whom we work. All work is conducted in a safe, efficient, workmanlike manner and in accordance with all Local, State and Federal Safety Standards, Codes and Regulations of the trade.

​Vanalt's full-time HSE Manager is responsible for spearheading development and compliance of all work practices and safety training.

​A diverse safety committee consisting of company officers, supervisors, field employees, and office staff has been established to bring workers and management together in a non-adversarial, cooperative effort to promote the safety, health, and mental well-being of all employees.  The committee meets monthly to discuss safety topics and works to develop new or enhance existing safety policies and procedures.


Findings and discussions from these meetings are posted as meeting minutes to be reviewed by all employees, subcontractors, and customers. These findings are also presented at Vanalt’s weekly scheduling and safety meeting for comments from employees.


With the implementation and adoption of the KPA Flex safety management system which is an easy-to-use, highly configurable, and powerful platform for managing all aspects of our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) program. Vanalt has been able to improve workflow and increase company-wide productivity with real-time data collection updates and communication between on-site employees and the office staff. This information can be accessed both online and offline via web-based platforms and any mobile devices such as a smart phone, a tablet, or both.

KPA Flex enables our employees and subcontractors to access and easily manage the necessary inspections, safety forms, documents, and comprehensive training catalog & database through an integrated learning management system (LMS)


Throughout its history, Vanalt Electrical Construction has continuously been honored to receive recognition on multiple occasions for project excellence and safety performance from several leading organizations.

gove award.jpg

PA Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence

Award winner in 2012 and 2019.  (Note – Organizations are not eligible to win the award more frequently than once every 7 years.)


In 2019, out of a couple hundred applications and visits by the PA Department of Labor to the facilities of dozens of the most impressive applicants, Vanalt was selected as one of only two companies to receive this award.

The Pennsylvania Governor’s Safety Awards Program (GASE) is a highly competitive safety recognition program, that identifies outstanding workplace safety programs and the superior management/employee collaborations that make those programs successful.  The information and criteria gained from nominees and award winners provides valuable best practices that are shared across the state.  There are numerous Pennsylvania organizations that have extensive safety programs and strong commitments to the safety and health of their employees.  We at Vanalt are therefore both humbled and proud that our efforts are recognized as outstanding, not just within the construction industry, but amongst all employers in the state.


2007-2011, 2013, 2015-2020, 2022, 2023

NECA’s Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards program is focused on recognizing thriving companies that excel in multiple areas of their safety and health programs. The Zero-Injury Award recognizes those member-companies that have worked a full calendar year without recordable incidents. The Safety Excellence Award is the association’s premier recognition program and acknowledges member-contractors’ safety performance.


National Safety Council

2023 Occupational Excellence Achievement Award

The National Safety Council recognizes organizations with injury and illness records better than or equal to 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for their NAICS code.

Perfect Safety Record Award (July 2020 - April 2023)

The National Safety Council’s Perfect Record Award recognizes companies, units and/or facilities that have completed a period of at least 12 consecutive months without incurring an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work or death.

Safety Affiliations




National Safety Council

  • Member


American Society of Safety Professionals


National Fire Protection Association

  • National Member


Chesapeake Region Safety Council

  • Member

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