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March 2024

We are excited to announce that Amtrak has awarded their Bryn Mawr Substation rehabilitation project to Vanalt.  The project includes expansion of the substation yard and complete renewal and removal of the existing traction power and signal power equipment and structures with all work being done without disruption of the functional operation of the facility.  

November 2023

Vanalt is very proud to have received NECA Penn-Del-Jersey Safety Excellence & Zero Injury awards for 2023 at this year’s annual meeting.  Vanalt was also awarded the 2023 Chapter Project Excellence Award for Design / Build Projects for our work on the SEPTA Substation Rehabilitation Project (Contract 2). This same project won the NECA National P.E.A. for Transit and Infrastructure, presented at the Philly 2023 Convention.

October 2023

Vanalt’s work on SEPTA’s Substation Rehabilitation Project – Contract 2 was awarded a NECA National Project Excellence Award for 2023.  The award is only 1 of 17 presented and recognizes Vanalt and the work we performed on this project as the top Transit and Infrastructure project in the nation.  The award was presented at the NECA National Convention in Philadelphia, PA.  For more information on this project, and others, click here:

July 2022

Vanalt Electrical Construction has received a Notice to Proceed from SEPTA to provide electrical construction and project coordination services for the Wayne Junction Static Frequency Converter (SFC) Rehabilitation Project.  Throughout the construction process, the Wayne Junction facility will continue to provide 25Hz traction power to feed most of the substations along SEPTA’s regional rail lines.  This large and complex 5 ½ year project involves the construction of a new SFC unit with 60Hz and 25Hz substations, plus the renovation of three existing SFC facilities and substations.  The total output of the renovated and expanded facility will be increased to 60 MVA which, in addition to greater capacity, will enable greater maintenance flexibility and system reliability.  Vanalt’s experience with the construction of a dozen 25Hz traction power substations helped provide the skillset needed to undertake this highly challenging project.  There were no other bidders.


Photographs below are of the existing facility, prior to renovations.

January 2022

Daidone-Vanalt Portal Joint Venture has Executed a subcontract from Skanska-Traylor-PNB Joint Venture for the electrical work associated with the construction of North Portal Bridge for New Jersey Transit and Amtrak.  The over $1.6 billion project is to be constructed paralleling the existing 114-year-old swing bridge that provides only a twenty-foot clearance above the Hackensack River.  The existing two-track rail bridge has been operating long past its intended lifespan and is unreliable when opening and closing.  With around 450 trains passing over the bridge each day, it is the busiest rail bridge in the Western Hemisphere, and delays can affect the entire Northeast Corridor.  Gradually rising viaducts on each end of the bridge allow the new bridge to be built thirty feet higher above the water and eliminate the need for a moveable span to provide clearance for shipping.  When the project is completed in 2027, capacity will be improved, as train speeds are planned to be increased from the current 60 miles an hour, to 90 miles an hour.


Vanalt’s portion of the electrical scope includes transmission lines, traction power feeders, signal power feeders, communications cables, and catenary.

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